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The Problem
When accessed by the wrong people, critical information regarding your organization, clients and employees puts you at risk. Casually discarding confidential information, whether company trade information, individual’s personal information or a myriad of other data, exposes you to devastating legal and embarrassing circumstances.

It's the Law
Your organization must comply with laws and regulations, requiring that it protect certain information when it is discarded. To name a few, HIPAA (healthcare) and Graham-Leach-Bliley (financial) require specific physical safeguards, such as shredding, to meet compliance. Extreme penalties could be imposed!


Client, Patient and Employee Trust
You are entrusted with client, patient, and employee information that they consider to be extremely confidential. In fact, you have an “implied contract” to protect that information simply based on the fact that you are collecting it to conduct business. They have the legal right to expect that you protect this information, including shredding it before it is discarded.

Trade Rights

Dumpster diving, employee bribery and landfill larceny are commonplace amongst the unscrupulous as well as private investigators, as a way to garner sensitive and damaging information about you, your employees and your customers. Whether it’s a customer list, accounts receivable printout, patient medical notes or any document deemed private, once it is placed in your trash, YOU ARE EXPOSED!

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