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Whether you develop it or license it, information technology is one of your most valuable assets. Volatility, vulnerability and measurable risks abound for both Developers and Licensees.

While a software escrow agreement cannot prevent a business or support failure that may jeopardize a business enterprise, it proactively secures license agreements by placing the source code, data, documentation and other materials with an independent third party.

A software escrow agreement is a binding legal contract that outlines the terms of ownership, designation of beneficiary(ies) and terms for the release of the materials held "in escrow". The release of the Deposit Materials occurs only when certain terms defined in the escrow agreement are met.


Escrow also gives Developers a value-added security benefit to offer to their licensees, investors or other parties, commonly known as beneficiaries to the escrow.

Licensees gain the best possible protection of their technology assets and investments with a software escrow agreement. Escrow preserves and controls access to source code, data, support documentation and other vital materials that drive their technology systems.

Apex provides easy setup, flexible terms and customization of software escrow agreements and professional service merge to create unparalleled customer experience in the escrow of source code, proprietary data, technical documentation, trade secrets and other intellectual property.

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